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Mobile Twitter Slide mashup

We're about to start the access to oer session at OCWC 2009.

Given the occasion, I thought I'd do a 'Web 2.0 but loband' mashup for following my presentation.

Firstly, the slides are here: W:OCWC09. Each slide page (such as W:OCWC09/1) has a feed from twitter, and we've asked people to microblog the access session using twitter. So with any luck, as the talk progresses, you should be able to go through the slides, and read some comments on twitter as we progress.

The ict4e wiki now has a simple mobile skin, and if you load the wiki page (e.g.) on mobile, here is what it looks like:


For an interactive demo, you can view the page in the opera mini demo.

It's clearly not the world's most amazing live-talk-webcasting system, but it's low bandwidth, and at the recent Beyond 2009 conference, we had very good and detailed twitter coverage of what was being said.

Edit: Unfortunately we didn't have much twitter this time, but still, in principle it could be a nice way of making talks available live, and over low bandwidth!

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