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Steeple podcast portal gets a mention in Wired! mentioned in Wired.

The UK edition of WIRED (Jun 2009, p.23) has an article on TED, with a column on "WIRED's Guide to an online education":

TED is part of the wider movement to open up educational resources. MIT's 2001 decision to put online for free what's now 1,800 courses was mimicked by other big US universities, including Harvard and Yale. Now, after a £5m grant, institutions in the UK are joining in. So where to start?

The post then mentions,,,, and as examples. About Steeple they say:

Podcasts from British institutions, including Oxford, Cambridge and UCL. You'll find a variety of course lectures, Tony Blair's 1999 Romanes lecture at Oxford, and posts from the Cambridge Science Festival.

Way to go! More about Steeple here: Steeple.

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