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oer4teachers - a UNESCO mailing list discussion

There's currently a discussion under way on a UNESCO mailing list, concerning a module on OER for teachers, aimed a teachers in sub-saharan Africa. The discussion has had a great start, and is obviously of great interest to a lot of people!

I thought I might repurpose my posts to the list for my blog. One of the first questions was what sort of content should be included in the module. In my view, there was content missing on 'getting online', and so I suggested the following:

In terms of content for the resource, I would suggest to include some very basic information about getting 'online'. This is not specific to OER, but it's a necessary pre-requisite for (some uses of) OER. So as part of the resource (or even as a paper leaflet introducing the resource) one could provide information about getting online, and improving access. The reality is that many people are poorly connected (if they are connected at all), so the module should start with making the most of your connection.

For instance, one would want to point out that one can browse more effectively by using a tool like like to accelerate your internet. Or to use the 'Turbo' mode in Opera 10. This makes a real difference to your subjective experience of the internet, and can dramatically reduce waiting around for pages to load. It therefore increases the likelihood of engaging with OER. One might want to explain how to use email efficiently on a mobile phone (e.g. with the gmail app).

For those who are not online at all, one may want to include a list of local internet access points (ideally teacher resource centres with free access). This of course is very much localised information, and may be difficult to compile. But it may not be too bad to find out who can give this information. Perhaps a phone number of a national teaching centre, that can give advice about regional centres.  This may of course not exist, but if it does exist, it would be a shame to not include it.

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