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Allan McRobie and the Phillips Machine

The Phillips machine video with Allan McRobie is one of those items that's received a good amount of attention over the years. I originally filmed this in 2004 at the Alumni weekend as an experiment.

Just now, the item has been referenced here: Guest Column: Like Water for Money, an article written by Steven Strogatz:

Two weeks ago, while visiting Cambridge University, I arranged to have lunch with my friend Allan McRobie. He’s a professor of engineering, so it seemed a bit strange that he kept insisting we meet at the department of applied economics. “There’s something there you’ve really got to see,” he said in his Liverpudlian lilt. “It’s utterly fab. Just brilliant. The Phillips machine — it uses water to predict the economy.”

Read the full article here:

The video is also mentioned in the "The Moniac: A Hydromechanical Analog Computer of the 1950s" by Chris Bissell. February 2007 in IEEE Control Systems Magazine, available here

You can watch the video here:

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