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Phillips machine story on NYT gets slashdotted: [1], [2]

"In the New York Times there is an interesting story about a hydraulic analogue computer from 1949 used to model the feedback loops in the economy. According to the article "copies of the "Moniac," as it became known in the United States, were built and sold to Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Ford Motor Company and the Central Bank of Guatemala, among others." There is a cool 19 MB video of the computer at Cambridge University in operation. I remember that the Instrumentation Lab at MIT still had a analogue computer in its computer center in the mid-1970's, but even then it seemed archaic and now this form of computation is largely forgotten. With 14 machines built, it must have been one of the more successful analogue computers — a supercomputer of its day. Of course, you have to wonder if it could have been used to predict our current economic difficulties."

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