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A friend recently asked me how to make a 'free website'. Here are some links:

1 Websites

1.1 Wordpress

On the plus side:

  • free (for small sites)
  • content can be transferred to your own installation later if you want to

On the negative side:

  • the actual webpages are not "low bandwidth" friendly, i.e. can be hard for people to view over limited connectivity
  • the admin interface (to update the site) is not "low bandwidth" friendly, so hard to update. However, I think there is a way of posting new articles from a mobile.

1.2 Google sites

1.3 Free "blogs"

Officially "wordpress" is a "free blog", but it also works as a website, not just as a "blog". There are other free services, that work well as "blogs", but not so much as a "website".

2 Wiki space

Depending on what you want the webspace for, a part of wiki might also be useful, e.g. for OER-related projects.

3 Other free hosting

  • For video: YouTube
  • For images: Flickr
  • Twitter

4 File sharing (between closed user groups)

The above were about putting files online to "share with the world". A related issue is how to keep files safe (e.g. when in a rural environment without great backup facilities).

Here are some thoughts for keeping files safe, or sharing them between closed user groups:

  • Google documents (can now be used to share files privately, without converting to google docs format)
  • Ubuntu One

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