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We'd previously talked about the cheapest phone with gmail and operamini, and looked at a range of quite simple phones that are capable of running gmail and opera mini. There've been quite a few budget Android phones coming out, prompting the question as to what the cheapest reasonable Android phone might be.

Unlike for the cheapest phone with gmail and operamini, I haven't actually done any testing, so this is one of those frustrating mini reviews that go on specs alone. Here are some quick notes with some contenders:

  • U8220 is similar to T-mobile Pulse
  • LG Optimus LG540
    • about £100
    • reviews are mixed (also regarding screen), but seems to have marginally better reviews than Pulse Mini
    • Android 1.6, apparently upgradable to Android 2.1
    • 320x480 screen
  • Alcatel OT 980
    • Android 2.1
    • physical slide-out keyboard. The above phones all have issues with the on-screen keyboard, so this seems to be a good idea.
    • About £100 on PAYG in the UK (likely to be unlocked)
    • Has got good reviews: "from what we've seen, it's going to render low end Android rivals like the T-Mobile Pulse Mini and Vodafone 845 utterly redundant." [1]

From this list, the Alcatel OT 980 and Ideos look most interesting - but like I said, I haven't tested any of this. More updates soon!

Update 10/10/10

Here are two more contenders:

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