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As an outcome from our recently completed DfID "An investigation of appropriate new technologies to support interactive teaching in Zambian schools (ANTSIT)", here's a quick summary of our key recommendations for using technology to support interactive teaching include:

  • ICTs should be procured in sets comprising a teacher laptop and student laptops, as well as provision for storage and transport.
  • Continuing professional development opportunities are essential for teachers to become familiar with the mobile technologies and to make creative use of them.
  • ICTs should be used in conjunction with non-ICT resources, such as mini blackboards, because these add significant value cheaply.
  • Robust and cheap netbooks (e.g. the Classmate netbook) are presently the best candidates for classroom use. At some point in the future, Android-based tablets could offer an alternative.

By way of background to the report: We do recommend a whole school approach, particularly using ICT in subject-based teaching (such as science and mathematics), rather than just using ICT for teaching ICT and school admin. We recommend mobile computing (such as netbooks) rather than IT-labs, because mobile computing has strong pedagogical as well as technical advantages that (for primary/secondary eduction) cannot be matched with IT labs.

The report text is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Only license (bar images, where we don't have sufficient permissions), so the report itself (and extracts) can be freely shared and reused.

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