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So when you upgrade a mac from Snow Leopard to Lion, filevaulted user accounts will still work (so called "legacy file vault"). The migration is presumably taken care of by the migration assistant. But what happens when you want to move between different macs at the same time as upgrading, ie. from an old mac (running Snow Leopard) to a new one (running Lion)?

Previously, you would have been able to create a filevaulted account in the new OS, and then just copy over the old account. However Lion, you can't create filevaulted accounts any more - at least out of the box!

These posts provide a way to create filevaulted accounts in Lion:

The procedure can easily be adapted to the above scenario! Instead of creating a new filevault, you copy over your old filevault from your filevaulted account!

Note: The posts above assume that you will create a new file vault - which means you have control over the guid! The old filevault will already have a particular guid assigned, so make sure you get that right (i.e. get that to match with the guid of the new user you are creating!)

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