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Mediawiki tweaks

We'd like some stuff for our ORBIT wiki.

Here is what we'd like:

  • Hide some of the tabs ("Page","Talk","View Source") for people who aren't logged in to make the site look cleaner (see also here, but I can't get it to work)
  • Create a way to reposition the title of a wiki page (so that a site menu / sub-site menu can go above it)
    • being able to reformat the displayed title of subpages (i.e. instead of showing "BASEPAGENAME/SUBPAGENAME" the display should be reconfigurable e.g. to "BASEPAGENAME > SUBPAGENAME", or to just display "SUBPAGENAME").
    • I've done some work on this about 3 years ago, see Mediawiki/TitleHere. So the solution to this could be a proper implementation of Mediawiki/TitleHere in conjunction with Extension:Vector.
  • Create a collapsible menu system (so the wiki is more like a website), i.e. the item "Resources" in the left hand menu on should have a collasible submenu. Wikipages should be able to 'decide' which submenu they would like to be shown.
  • Tweak the ORBIT Vector Skin a bit (via css).
    • We might want to have a dual licence badge on the ORBIT wiki as CC-By-SA and CC-By-NC.

Further down the line, we may want some way of creating additional navigation, e.g. "Prev" and "Next" within a set of subpages (or a set of pages tied together in some other way). The appearance related issues should be contributed to the mediawiki codebase / set of extensions in some way, perhaps contributed to where appropriate. We don't want to create an ad-hoc solution just for our wiki.

In the long run, some work on the book production extension might be needed, but that could be a specialist job for somebody from PediaPress.

Ideally we're looking for somebody who has substantial mediawiki development experience already!

Any takers? We'll pay ...

P.S.: Mobile skin for ORBIT would also be a good thing, using the same mechanism as wikipedia.

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