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This is an interesting fact from the CREATE research findings:

Most children out of school are drop outs, not those who never enrol. This is true in Bangladesh, India, and Ghana and in slightly different ways in South Africa (Ahmed et al., 2007; Govinda et al., 2007; Akyeampong et al., 2007; Motala et al., 2007). It is also true in many other low income countries (Lewin and Sabates, 2011). Exclusion from education is therefore more often a result of drop out than of initial and permanent exclusion. Most children below the age of 15 who are currently out of school have attended school but have not completed basic education. A 5% annual drop out rate (which is common in many countries) results in less than 75% of those who enrol reaching Grade 6 and less than 65% reaching Grade 9.


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