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Shuttleworth fellowship

It occurs to me that I never did a separate blog post about the finished Shuttleworth video. I had written a few things about the process of making it but nothing about the video as such. So here's the video:

The video concerns the Millennium Development Goal of Universal Primary Education. While many countries have massively improved the primary school enrolment, many children leave school after 6 or 7 years without being able to read or write. To those not working in international education, that may sound crazy, but it's a fact, and there is not an increasing focus on improving quality. In the video, I propose a strategy for increasing learning in schools in the sub-Saharan African context, based on

  • school-based professional development for teachers, and a
  • focus on learning in the classroom,

achieved through

  • interactive pedagogy,
  • Open Educational Resources, and
  • Digital Technology.

The video was produced for my Shuttleworth Fellowship application, which requires a video to be made, and posted in a public space. So here you are:

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