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Appauling service from British Gas

So my boiler appears to have broken yesterday. No heating, no hot water. I have a long standing service contract with British Gas. Initially they had offerend an appointment for Tuesday (4 days!). After some negotiation, I got a service appointment today, for 8am - 1pm. Ok, those long slots are inconvenient, but ok, I'll wait.

So today, at 12. No engineer yet. I call British Gas, to check whether he is on his way. "Yes he is, no problem, 30 minutes." No show by about 2pm. I call them back.

"He could not get access." 

Well, I was here. I have called just a couple of hours ago, and was told it would be 30 mins, so I was in the front room.

"Is there a card that's been put through the door?" 


"Let me call the engineer." 

Ok. Some time later:

"He says he could not find parking."

What? Uhm, it's residential road, there is parking. Besides, the text message says he would call first.

"Yeah, seems like he didn't follow protocol."

Ok, so send somebody back.

"Sorry we are booked out today."


So even after speaking to the supervisor, there's apparently nothing that can be done. I was supposed to have friends visiting with their 4-year old child, but apparently, no concern to British Gas.

This is really appauling customer service. The only reason I can see why they cannot rectify this is that it happens to often, and would disrupt their schedule too much if they had?

Appointment tomorrow morning, another night without heating.

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