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An experiment in speed crowd-sourcing an article on Open content

Are you involved in an OER project? Are you involved in Open Access publishing? Have you been itching to say something about Open Content? If you've got a little bit of time to contribute this week, then this is your opportunity. Despite a tight deadline, we are trying to crowd source small contributions to an encyclopedia article on Open Content. This is for the "International Encyclopedia of Digital Communication and Society" (edited by Peng Hwa Ang and Robin Mansell), and published by Wiley-Blackwell in collaboration with the International Communication Association.

The article will be freely available and also openly licensed after an embargo period - that's the best agreement I was able to negotiate, and it's an interesting story in itself. It also means we cannot re-use Wikipedia (under CC-By-SA), which is a real shame, although we are drawing on some CC-By materials.

Unfortunately there is not a lot of time, and we're in a real rush to source contributions. I had originally hoped that the entry would be written in a highly collaborative way, with lots of diverse contributions and discussion, and I do hope this will still be possible to a small extent. We are aiming to get this done by the end of January (in final version). So if you have some spare time, and you fancy writing something (or voicing some opinions!), please do!

The entry itself is on google documents, with permissions such that anybody can view and comment, so please do have a look.

(For link, see here)

Copy and paste the url into a browser, and delete the two strings REMOVETHIS, and you should be good to go. It's at an early stage at the moment, but we are working on it this week.

If you want to contribute, please email me as soon as possible to let me know (contact details here), and request access to the Google document. If you do know of other individuals that you think might be happy to contribute, and you know them well, then please feel free to forward this message. If you are unsure whether to approach them, or you don't know them that well, please do let me know! Please do not email general mailing lists - if there are mailing lists you think we should send this message to, please let me know. We want to avoid duplication, and keep the process manageable!!

I'll also post more information here: OCEE.

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