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Samsung S2 4.1.2 running out of space

Samsung stock Android 4.1.2 - less space every day. Have been uninstalling apps for a while, but turns out there were lots of log files, e.g.


Solution (for developers only I am afraid...)

adb shell
cd /data/log
rm dumpstate_ril_RESET_BY_CP_SILENTRESET_*.txt  
rm dumpstate_ril_RESET_BY_CP_SILENTRESET_*.log
rm dumpstate_RESET_BY_CP_SILENTRESET_*.txt
rm dumpstate_RESET_BY_CP_SILENTRESET_*.tmp

This freed up 1.2GB of internal phone (appliation) memory!

(C.f. also However, the issue also occurs in Samsung stock Android 4.1.2!)

Edit: When you boot into recovery (holding volume down + home as you press power), there's also an option to wipe the cache. This may or may not achieve the same thing. Bjoern 14:43, 26 February 2014 (UTC) No, it doesn't - so above method is needed! Bjoern 12:36, 11 May 2014 (BST)

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