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Practical action in project dissemination

Mobile Learning Week 2014, research track: We were discussing how we can share information and coordinate between projects, and this has a dedicated discussion round. I would like to suggest that we post project information on wikipedia. I have made a start with our project:

So why wikipedia?

  • People do use it to look stuff up (surprise!!) - more formally, it is the de-facto encyclopedia globally, at least at the moment. So I do think projects need to be represented.
  • It's free in many countries through wikipedia zero, giving low-cost, low-bandwidth access. So yes, it's not how academics usually disseminate information, but who do we want to talk to? Just other academics? Or to a wider audience.
  • It has a mobile app. Again, low-cost, low-bandwidth access.

(Incidentally, I would also suggest the same for presenting your projects on facebook, though this would be with a stronger focus on social networking, rather than creating an encyclopaedia entry.)

C.f. tweet here:

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