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Good bye SGS2

Well, a few weeks ago my Samsung Galaxy S2 lost all of it's text messages. Luckily I use SMS Backup and Restore, and so my messages weren't lost. (Except for MMS, which is now also available in SMS Backup and Restore, but I don't think I had upgraded to that version yet.)

Well, yesterday morning, the Samsung Galaxy S2 no longer boots. It does the splash screen, but then is stuck the screen saying "Samsung" (with the writing oscillating between white and a blueish background). Right. Not good.

So I boot into recovery, use adb shell (which works), but I cannot mount the internal sd card partitiion (from which I would like to recover some data). So far I am stuck as to what to do. Will have a read of more sites.

As I said before, the SGS2 was the smartphone of the year when it came out. My personal experience: Nothing but trouble. I am reasonably technical, and can mitigate some of this with backups etc, but I do not see how the average person on the street, would be able to use this phone and hold on to their data. Terrible. See also Samsung Galaxy S2 on Jelly Bean.

I have an old htc desire on loan from Aptivate, which I am using for now. Seems to work well.

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