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25th anniversary of the World Wide Web

Mention of OER4Schools in the Cambridge Evening News, in On the 25th anniversary of when Sir Tim Berners-Lee first proposed the World Wide Web, could you imagine living without it now?

Dr Björn Haßler, a senior research associate at the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Commonwealth Education, is currently working on the OER4Schools programme, which supports the introduction of interactive teaching, Open Educational Resources, and digital technologies in Zambian primary schools.

He stressed: “The web enables access to information. However, access to information is not the same as learning. In order for digital technology (including mobile devices and internet connectivity) to lead to higher quality learning outcomes in the classroom, you do need teachers: Teachers who can use such technology (and educational resources) in the conjunction with effective teaching strategies, such as questioning, group work, and enquiry-based learning."

Really nice to have that mention!

About the OER4Schools programme: The OER4Schools programme (, led by Dr Sara Hennessy and Dr Björn Haßler, at the Centre for Commonwealth Education, University of Cambridge, provides professional learning opportunities for Zambian teachers, and supports them in becoming more effective teachers. The programme uses interactive pedagogy (such as group work, and enquiry-based learning), Open Educational Resources, and digital technology (including mobile devices and internet connectivity where available).

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