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Buying a Raspberry Pi

This is probably slightly ephemeral, but still - following our Raspberry Pi workshop, finding the best/cheapest places to buy your Pi is not that trivial.

CPC Farnell is good for the Pi and PSU:

I have tried to get some really cheap PSUs from China (as cheap as £1), but they did not work so well, so it's probably a good idea to get the one above.

A case is a good idea:

  • Raspberry Pi Computer Case, cheapest case on eBay UK, £1.95
  • Black Flip Top Raspberry Pi Case, £2.95, has a "flip top" as the name suggests, which could be very handy. I would go for that if you'll be attached cameras, GPIOs etc. (Having now got this case, I am not sure how useful it is, as the hinge mechanism interferes with the CPIOs, so you couldn't attach a header unless you took the case apart... Kinda defeats the purpose. Bjoern, 29 April 2014)

SD card. For some applications, you might want your SD card to sit nice and flush in the case:

  • TF Card To Micro SD Card Adapter Module For Raspberry Pi, £1.08 (China). They can easily be a few pounds, so this might be worth the wait! (Having got this too, it makes the bottom of the Pi too thick for the case, and the PSU connector no longer fits, so doesn't work with the above case. Bjoern, 29 April 2014)
  • For the card itself, worth going for class 10 UHS-1, which costs about £8 for 16GB, £15 for 32GB, and £30 for 64GB (for branded cards).
  • If you are going for a standard size SD card, you seem to be able to get branded 64GB cards for just over £20.

So a Raspberry Pi setup (with 16GB microSD) would cost you about £43.50, and a bit more if you want a larger capacity (or just under £40 if you went for a 4GB SD card). (For more electronics components, see also components.)

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