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Android battery life

One important question is how long your phone will run on a single charge. GSMarena is doing a lot of testing: The standard test assumes an hour each of calls, web browsing, and video watching. I.e. the phone is idle for 21 hours in any 24 hours. (Also see for more details tests.)

The top rated phones regarding battery life are Nokia Lumia 1520 (Windows), LG G Flex, Sony Xperia T2 Ultra, Sony Xperia Z2, Motorola RAZR MAXX, HTC Butterfly S, HTC One Max, Huawei Ascend Mate, Oppo N1, and LG G2 mini, as well as Sony Xperia C and M2 a bit further down.

(As a side note: Out of these the LG G2 mini is the only one with a swappable battery, microSD slot, and Android 4.4. It's not the fastest phone, but can be bought about £200 or less. Seems like a good deal! Note though that the G2 mini comes in lots of different versions, e.g. a 3G only version, dual sim D618? and LTE version D620?)

Interestingly a Windows phone leads in terms of battery life, and the first Apple product comes in at place 40-something (iPhone 5s), with about half the battery life compared to the top performer. Interesting.

Some phones lead because they just have a large battery. But in terms of current, if the statistics are to be trusted, e.g. the LG G2 mini seems to draw about 32mA (in the standard battery test above, also see, while some phones draw twice that! The top performing Lumia comes in at 20mA (in the same test), which seems low, so I am not entirely sure that is to be trusted. Maybe it has very good stand-by performance.

Another interesting thing is that the top 10 phones (apart from having a high capacity battery) all have built-in batteries. I was once told that there isn't a real manufacturing / capacity advantage to this, but that it just means that most people buy a new phone when the battery wears out.

It's also interesting to compare different bench marks, see e.g.

Finally, here's an interesting blog post: It compares the battery life pre/post-KitKat, where the rating went up from 62 hours to 81 hours, with the new KitKat Rom. That's very impressive - 30% extra battery life because of KitKat. Of course it's not just KitKat, maybe the previous ROM wasn't well optimised. (And apparently there were issues with standby power consumption.)

What's clear is that, while the day where your (non-smart) Nokia lasted for a week on a single charge are well gone, battery performance is becoming a bigger issue, and rightly so!

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