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PiJuice - Why it matters.

PiJuice [1], [2]: 2,417 backers pledged £124,372. That's over 12 times the orginal goal of £10,000.

PiJuice isn't the first project to offer a power solution for the Raspberry Pi, but it's got a few good things going for it, such as the form factor, well thought out electronics, and some interesting projects to get you started.

We're particularly interested in using PiJuice (and PiJuice Solar) in some of the African settings where we work. A tablet has a built-in battery that effectively acts as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Naturally a tablet battery fits neatly within the tablet case, rather than being an add-on that could get detached.

The Raspberry Pi doesn't have a neat built-in battery. Well, it didn't. Now it does: PiJuice.

We look forward to our PiJuice arriving, and seeing what some of our African collaborators will make of it!

Well done PiJuice team.

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