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The question of "which mobile for development" has been a constant companion for me. Less so for myself, but more about recommending phones to humanitarian and development workers (in the broadest sense). This article just came out and makes some very valid points.

Here are some additional thoughts:

Here are some phones that I have looked at (but don't have, in order of increasing cost):

  • Landvo XM100Pro (see - representing "small brand" phones - not an unreasonable spec, but poor battery life. (Some of these brands may become bigger, e.g. Tecno seems to be quite widespread in sub-Saharan Africa).
  • Nokia 2 (Seems to be available from Amazon UK / US now). Battery rating "109". This is a low spec phone, with a large battery - the way it should be (4100mAh).
  • Motorola E4 Plus. With a 5000 mAh battery, one of the largest batteries you can get today. Not battery tested on GSM Arena though.
  • Motorola Z Play (I agree with the above article author that it's a good phone). Battery rating about "100". Not available from Motorola any more.
  • S8 Active - ruggedised, and increased battery life, but at the top end of phone costs.
  • An older model: The motorola Defy.

Special mention: Fairphone.

What's also interesting to note (as we all know), newer/higher models don't mean all that much regarding battery. For example the Motorola Z2 Play and the (older) Nokia 3 have poorer battery life than the Z Play and the Nokia 2. (Also the new Nokia 1 @ 2150mAh won't have anywhere near the battery life than the Nokia 2.)

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