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ScienceLive (2005-now)
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BlueSci (2002-2005)

Over the years (actually, since about 2002) I've been doing science for the masses, aka science communication, or 'public engagement in science'. Initially I started a science program on Cambridge University Radio, aptly titled 'The Science Show', around which we quickly built a team. As I was also working with video as part of the fledgling ScienceMediaNetwork, and so 'The Science Show' became Cambridge University Science Productions, a Cambridge University society, dedicated to science communication through the media. The remit of Cambridge University Science Productions is to

  • Further the science communication through the media
  • Provide training in science communication through the media, and
  • Work with other groups (at Cambridge and otherwise) to promote science communication through the media

Early in 2004 many people got interested in writing, and thus the idea was hatched to launch a popular science magazine. In this way BlueSci sprang to life, with the first issue published in October 2004. BlueSci became the most popular activity within Cambridge University Science Productions. The name is now used concurrently with Cambridge University Science Productions, and the main website is Go read, it's worth it.

At the same time I got interested in using the internet to disseminate audio and video further, and we started looking into filming events at Cambridge and elsewhere. In 2005 Cambridge University Science Productions ran the BA Festival of Science from Trinity College Dublin, but more about this on User:Bjoern/ScienceLive.