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ANTSIT (2010-2011)
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Ready for the new University of Cambridge website launch, the mediaplayer initiative was recognised as an important contribution to University life, and we have been asked to create a video player to be linked from the University home page. You can see the CamTV video (and audio) player here:

1 Support CamTV

CamTV is a project run by volunteers, without any direct support from the University. If you feel that CamTV is a valuable service, please let us know by emailing bh213 @ the usual domain: or using a feedback form attached to one of the videos, e.g. [1].

If you would like to donate to CamTV (in time, in kind, or financially), please contact me (contact details in footer).

Development of the CamTV concept has been done in conjunction with Rod Rivers, and if you have any further input or thoughts on this, I am sure that he will appreciate your feedback (rr260 @ the usual domain:

2 Get your video and audio onto CamTV

If you're at Cambridge University, and you'd like to list your video or audio on here, and would like to find out more about how to participate in the Media Player initiative, contact me (contact details below).