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I am co-organising a workshop in Trieste, December 2007: http://sdu.ictp.it/richmedia/. The workshop seeks to "guide scientists from developing countries to become acquainted with state-of-the-art, low cost and/or open source resources available for [rich media webcasting] and thus help to reduce the digital and knowledge divides. Lecturers will familiarize participants with the most advanced techniques of Multimedia Webcasting for science dissemination and collaboration." A poster is available here http://sdu.ictp.it/richmedia/Poster_smr1838.pdf The workshop programme is available here http://sdu.ictp.it/richmedia/program/index.html (Registration is closed.)

At this workshop, I will be teaching a short course on multimedia production. Each course session is two hours long, and will start with a short amount of 'theory' (giving an overview of general activities in that area, and overall considerations). Most of the session will the be taken up by hands-on work.

A very tentative schedule for the course is this:

  • Session 1
    • The academic media landscape
    • Principles of audio recording and editing
  • Session 2
    • Rich media delivery and bandwidth requirements
    • Introduction to 'images'
  • Session 3
    • How podcasting works
    • Creating enhanced podcasts
    • Understanding workflows and server requirements
  • Session 4
    • An introduction to rights and licensing
    • Understanding local requirements - getting started back at home
  • Session 5
    • Introduction to video - review of best practices for video streaming

Some elements of this course are likely to draw on themes from my Podcast Course M2007.