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Some more press releases to follow up on iTunesU launch date 3rd June.

Still no public announcement from Apple for this. There's nothing in the Apple front page or on or even on the iTunes front page just yet. University stories on iTunesU launch, but some other news stories are here:

  • UK university lectures on iTunes, BBC news [1]: "University College London, the Open University and Trinity College Dublin are the first European universities to put free lecture material on iTunes."
  • The Week in Higher Education - Times Higher [2]: "As Times Higher Education went to press, The Open University and University College London confirmed that they had joined Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale University in publishing course materials and lectures via Apple's iTunes U service, a dedicated area for educational content in the online music store. More than 300 video and audio files from Open University courses are available to download."
  • UK universities offer downloadable lectures, Guardian [3]: "University College London (UCL) is aiming to reach wider audiences by becoming the first mainstream UK university to make audio and visual content available for download on Apple's iTunes U - an area of the iTunes store designed for universities."
  • Universities offer lectures on iTunes, Times [4]: "Students who sleep through their lectures can now catch up on what they missed by downloading course material on iTunes. University College London (UCL), the Open University and Trinity College Dublin are the first universities in Europe to put free lectures on iTunes, the popular online music store. "
  • Students to have lectures by iPod, Telegraph [5]: "Students will be able to download lectures on to their iPods under a plan to make universities more accessible. Leading institutions are putting coursework material on to portable audio players to ensure undergraduates can complete assignments away from university campuses. University College London and the Open University will offer the free education content on the iTunes U network, it has been announced."
  • Dos universidades británicas y una irlandesa cuelgan sus lecciones en iTunes, Terra Spain [6]: "Tres universidades europeas, las británicas University College London y la Open University y la irlandesa Trinity College, de Dublín, cuelgan desde hoy sus conferencias y lecciones en Internet, en la plataforma iTunes para que se pueda acceder a ellos desde todo el planeta."
  • iTunes U s'ouvre aux universités anglaises, iGeneration France [7]: "ITunes U, est une rubrique dédiée au sein d'iTunes, qui permet d’écouter des contenus gratuits comme des cours magistraux, cours de langues, des conférences… Jusqu’à présent, Apple collaborait essentiellement avec des universités américaines pour cette rubrique."