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One of the problems here is that within the media group there isn't an attribute with associated scheme that describes what these additional media:content items are. Somehow they are all the same thing (because they are in the same media group), but what distinguishes them? The <media:category> tag can help. It can be a sub-element of channel, item, media:group and media:content.

On this page, we'll present the specification, which is under development. However, we need to be able to flag:

  • Main content
  • Additional versions (e.g. for access)
    • Audio version
    • Transcript
    • Audio description
  • Supplementary materials
    • Slides
    • Commentary or other documents
  • Archival versions (such as high bitrate / native / uncompressed versions of the media, for archival purposes)

It would also be good to be able to specify versions that are meant for specific devices, such as phones etc.

For discussion, see Media rss media group alternatives scheme, and for context see media rss.

Note that the discussion on these pages is being formalised as part of the Steeple project, see Syndication. The specifications put forward here were preliminary, and may differ from the final specifications put forward by the Steeple project, see Syndication.