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1 Global access to Open Educational Resources - OCWC 2009

Follow my slides: W:OCWC09/1

If you're on a mobile, you can follow the slides on your mobile using the link: http://www.ict4e.net/wiki/W:OCWC09/1 To see what it looks like on mobile, try this link. To find out more about the mashup, see Mobile Twitter Slide Mashup.

2 Twitter

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3 Invitation

From: Tom Caswell: I am looking forward to facilitating a conversation among such wonderful people in the OER access and accessibility communities. I will send more information about our panel members soon. As a reminder, in this session we will discuss assistive technology efforts as well as projects to improve access to OER in developing countries. The session will be held in Monterrey, MX on April 22, from 11:30am to 1pm CDT (UTC/GMT -5 hours). This is an exploratory session to look at what projects are under way to improve accessibility and access to OER, and how is the OCW community participating. How are accessibility and access challenges similar and what strategies might offer solutions to both problems?

For details of the Elluminate site, please join the access2oer mailing list.

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