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Thematic list of main publications about OER4Schools:


  • Haßler, B., Hennessy, S., & Hofmann, R., with Makonga, A. (preprint available). The OER4Schools professional development programme: Outcomes of a sustained trial in sub-Saharan Africa. (This paper follows on from the RPE/TPE papers, looking at the sustainability and scaling of the OER4Schools programme across 2010-15.)( link )


  • Haßler, B., Hennessy, S., & Hofmann, R., (2018). Sustaining and Scaling Up Pedagogic Innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Grounded Insights For Teacher Professional Development. Journal of Learning for Development - JL4D, 5(1) (This paper presents general messages for sustainability and scalability learnt from the OER4Schools programme 2010-2015.) ( more... )
  • Hennessy, S., Haßler, B. & Hofmann, R. (2015). Challenges and opportunities for teacher professional development in interactive use of technology in African schools. Technology, Pedagogy and Education: Special Issue on "Capacity Building for 21st Century Learning in Africa: A Focus on ICT Integration in Education." (This paper continues on from the RPE paper, but rather than looking at change in teachers and the classroom, it looks at the level of teacher professional development.) Issue 24(5) - November
  • Hennessy, S., Haßler, B., & Hofmann, R. (2015). Pedagogic change by Zambian primary school teachers participating in the OER4Schools professional development programme for one year. Research Papers in Education. (This is a paper covering the OER4Schools whole-school (Grades 4-6) programme for one year in 2012, continuing on from the Common Wealth of Learning paper (2013), and the 2014 paper in PDIE, which covered the period running up to 2012.)
  • Lawrie, J., Hennessy, S., Haßler, B., & Bhandigadi, P. (2015). Use ICT to Provide Access to Content, Professional Development and Professional Learning Communities (Chapter 7). In M. Burns & J. Lawrie (Eds.), Where It’s Needed Most: Quality Professional Development for All Teachers. New York, NY: Interagency Network for Education in Emergencies. Available here. permanent link
  • B. Haßler, S. Hennessy, A. Cross, with E. Chileshe and B. Machiko (2014). School-based professional development in a developing context: Lessons learnt from a case study in Zambia. Professional Development in Education. (link)
  • S. Hennessy, B. Haßler (2014). A new approach and open resources for school-based teacher professional development in sub-Saharan Africa". Blog post in TPD in Crisis Series, Week 9: Open Educational Resources in sub-Saharan Africa. here. permanent link
  • S. Hennessy, B. Haßler, G. Mwewa (2013). Using digital technology and school-based professional development to leverage interactive classroom teaching in Zambia. In J. MacBeath & M. Younger (Eds.), Millennium Goals Revisited: A Common Wealth of Learning. London: Routledge. (You can read some pages from the book here: - click on 'view inside this book'.) (link)
  • B. Haßler, S. Hennessy, B. Lubasi (2011b). "Changing Classroom Practice using a School-Based Professional Development Approach to Introducing Digital Resources in Zambia." Itupale Online Journal of African Studies, Volume III, May 2011. (Download PDF. (info)) (get link)
  • B. Haßler, S Hennessy, T. Lord, A. Cross, A. Jackson, M. Simpson (2011a). Appropriate New Technologies to Support Interactive Teaching in Zambian schools (ANTSIT)". A joint report from Aptivate and the Centre for Commonwealth Education (University of Cambridge). Final Report to DfID. (March 2011). Full report (2 MB), Text only version (600 kB). (Also see here for screencast.)