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  • How do you let people know what stuff you have and where your stuff is?
  • Suppose we're looking at a 'piece of stuff' that you wanted to syndicate content across institutions, then what sort of metadata would you need to exchange in order to be able to build a common repository?

2 A description of the ScienceLive Syndication and Federation tools

The first question is discussed here resource discovery. For the 2nd question see Using media rss to syndicate and share media.

2.1 Multiple use

Reusing the same portal software for a range of purposes. (Click image for larger version.)

We use the terms "portal" and "web front end" synonymously: This is a portal software, that is fed through

  • one or more video servers (such as PCP or replay)
  • or from a metadata hub (such as Oxitems in Oxford, the mediaplayer architecture in Cambridge)

The same portal software is reused across an institution and elsewhere, for a number of purposes:

  1. To build an institutional portal ("All/Selected videos from Oxford University", "CamTV", etc.)
  2. To build departmental portals: Departments pay for having their own videos produced, and they should be able to have these in the context of their website, integrated with their content management system.
  3. To build special interest portals within an institution ("Cambridge Environmental Initiative" may want to collect videos related to the environment, again within their web content management system)
  4. The same portal software can also be used to build national / international / special interest portals, such as "UK HE national video portal", "National video portal for teachers", "Science Engineering Technology Medicine videos", "All videos from OpenCast partners" etc.

As a practical example, we are using the same portal software to build

3 Why this is relevant

Various uses for portal software

The ideas described on this page are relevant, because we're using them for two projects:

The portals contain about 7500 data sets, and we need to have a good syndication standard to be able to share metadata efficiently.

More info about portal ideas:


4 Links

syndication  |  resource discovery  |  formats  |  Syndication and metadata  |  Using media rss to syndicate and share media  |  Media rss media group element  |  Overview of images in rss  |  Category:Syndication

Dublin core, OAI, ORE:

Feed history:

Other pages: Home // Deliverables // Design criteria for portal // Links // Edit

5 Web front end ("portal")

5.1 Program

Programmatically this needs to be done:

5.2 Examples of Educational Video and Audio portals

Also see -

5.3 Existing systems

5.4 Licensing

As a meta question: What license would the portal software need to have to achieve wide buy-in?

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