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What if you could attend any popular science event worldwide? Any time, any place? The ScienceLive initiative ( is seeking out new ways of getting science events online - with good quality video, cost-effectively, and in a way that is engaging to the viewer. Clearly the site is work in progress, but despite very little funding, we think we're doing a reasonably good job.

The first big ScienceLive event was the BA Festival of Science Live Online - run by Cambridge University Science Productions (see W:BlueSci) in 2005. Cambridge University Science Productions (in collaboration with the ScienceMediaNetwork) also contributed many recordings from the Cambridge Science Festival, as well as the Millennium Mathematics Project. The BA Festival of Science Live Online was repeated in 2006 from Norwich.

However, ScienceLive is a collaborative initiative - we're talking to other partners, primarily around Britain, and are cross-listing video on ScienceLive. In the longer term, we want to share information about videos with resource banks for teachers, so that they can find our videos more easily.

The ScienceLive site is build in Joomla, with a custom plugin to display video, which we have developed specifically for the site. If you're interested get in touch: contact details below.

Go to to watch videos!