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RFF Zambia
OER Guidance for Schools
OER4Schools (since 2009)
ORBIT (2011-2012)
ANTSIT (2010-2011)
UNESCO Access2OER (2009)
Samfya (2008-2011)
Steeple (2008-2010)
CamTV (2008-2010)
ICTP WS (2007)
OpenLearning (2007-now)
VideoUnit (2006-2013)
Video Hosting (2005/2006)
ScienceLive (2005-now)
MediaPlayer (2003-2010)
BlueSci (2002-2005)

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Another project I was involved in is the Steeple project. For more details about the project, see The first project phase was followed by a second phase, the Steeple benefits realisation project.

1 Outputs

2 Resources on this wiki

If you're interested in Steeple, you might also like to look at some of the other resources available from this site, e.g.

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For more comprehensive information, see

You may also be interested in some University of Cambridge media sites, including

The Steeple benefits realisation project concluded in September 2010.