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{{#titlehere:}} The aim of the training is to put together a 'minimal' new media course. The aim of the training is of course to train, but the emphasis here is on train the trainer, on developing a course that trainers can then teach.

The focus of the training is on being able to do the whole cycle needed for recording:

  • making an informed decision about what talks to record, then
  • asking a speaker to be recorded,
  • getting the required rights,
  • making the recording,
  • editing, and
  • publishing online.

There are of course many elaborate scenarios in which one might do this, but the idea here is to present a minimal scenario. Once a few talks have been recorded like this, more elaborate scenarios (such as screen recording, clearing more complicated rights, etc) can be considered.

Getting good audio is the basis for any video (or screen recording) work as well, so it makes sense to start with this. Likewise, the rights clearance needed for audio forms a more manageable subset of the general rights clearance required for video / images. So it makes sense to start with basic audio work, until that can be undertaken reliably.

However, the course does not emphasis technical issues: These rely on practice, and can initially be picked up by the participants. Lateron, we will then run some trouble shooting sessions, to refine understanding of technical issues. The main empahsis of the course is on managing the entire workflow, as well as rights issues: These are more tricky to understand, and tutorials aren't readily available.

Training materials aren't prescribed by the 'facilitators', but are interactively developed with the participants.

The aim is not just for participants to learn how to podcast, but primarily for them to be able to teach others. In this way training activities can scale.