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Rough notes about the humcentre podcast training activities. These activities are led by Phillida Strachan. Jane Slocombe, and Bjoern Hassler, but the other participants have been asked to add their rough notes to these pages.

1 Session 1

Primarily this is an exercise in collaboratively authoring some training materials, but hopefully the final pages will be useful to a wider audience. The course sessions were given without presentation, but discussion was recorded on flip charts (see e.g. /Session 1 flip charts). From the flip charts and notes, some training materials are assembled.

For participants: Create a login for this wiki so that you can contribute. Use a reasonable username (you can use your crsid, but in the interest of privacy you may want to use your first name, or nickname). Activate your account on the wiki by clicking on the link emailed to you.

You might also like to read /Aims of training.

You should consider that this is a public space: Anything that is added can be read by the world, and also be changed by other users of this wiki.

There is some 'restricted' information, such as the details of the equipment storage that will be available through an access restricted page to be set up.

There is a consortium of University socities who have been awared money from the societies syndicate, to purchase some audio equipment. This equipment is likely to include equipment like the Tutorials/Baseline audio kit.

Please just add your own notes to this page. If you feel a little shy, or you just want to add something to the discussion, you can [click here to add a discussion item].

You might need to look up how to format text for wiki, and there is some help availbale here. You can practice in the sandpit.

2 Session 2

/Session 2