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The wiki is running my website also. Plan is to write this up, with some thoughts on using mediawiki as a cms. Bjoern 13:36, 17 May 2009 (UTC)

1 HistoryEdit

C.f. also W:Blog/20090517_New_layout.

Stage 1: Static mirror of local mediawiki

Stage 2: Mediawiki mirror running 'W:' namespace

Stage 3: Run directly from wiki, with some url rewriting.

Previously the main site was run of my Mediawiki mirror script, and therefore was very small and accessible. With the move to the main mediawiki template, the main site is now as large as mediawiki. Hopefully that'll provide some incentive for me to create a better low-bandwidth skin for mediawiki (see Monobmo). However the move to the mediawiki skin also means that the mobile skin detection is now active, which means that you still have a small size when browsing by mobile (see Mediawiki access/Mobile/Skin and Mediawiki access/Skins).

2 How toEdit

Set up namespace (with appropriate security).

Put in place suitable url rewriting (if needed).

Put in place suitable css modifications (or alternative skin) as needed.