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With the mediawiki simple pie module installed, you simple add this to a page:


See Mediawiki SimplePie example, and Mediawiki SimplePie Twitter.

Info about the extension here:

That page gives further info: (start quote from To load a feed on your MediaWiki pages, simply wrap the feed URL with 'feed' tags. Doing this with no attributes will display the default way:

  • An h3 containing the feed's title, linked back to the originating site.
  • An ordered list, containing all of the news items in the feed.
  • The news item's title, linked back to the originating post.
  • The full HTML description for each news item.

You can use the following attributes:

  • items attribute: Limits the number of items returned. If you set this value to 5, then you'll get back the 5 most recent posts. If there's a feed with fewer than 5 posts, SimplePie will return all of them. Defaults to all.
  • showdesc attribute: Determines whether the description should be shown or not. If set to false, descriptions are omitted, and the ordered list will display only the linked item titles with no special formatting. Defaults to true.
  • showdate attribute: Displays the date of the news item. Accepts anything that's allowed in PHP's date() function. Defaults to blank.
  • shortdesc attribute: Strips all tags from the item's description and limits the number of characters that are displayed. Accepts any numeric value. If more characters are allowed than are in the description, the entire description will be displayed. If the text wasn't cut at the end of a sentence (ending with a period, exclamation point, or question mark), an ellipsis will be added to the end of the text. Defaults to all characters.
  • showtitle attribute: Determines whether the built-in feed title is displayed or not. Defaults to true.
  • alttitle attribute: Displays a custom title in place of the feed's built-in title. Defaults to blank.
  • error attribute: Displays a custom error message for when there is a problem retrieving the feed. Defaults to the standard error messages.

(end quote from