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The "Mediawiki accessibility project"

General considerations - Mirroring - file size extension - email interface - W:Mediawiki OER export - [Edit]

Mediawiki Email interface

It's quite strange that there isn't an email interface to mediawiki / wikipedia. Some related discussion here.

I am convinced that somebody must have written an email interface, but it's just that I haven't found this. In the meantime, I've created a very basic email interface for the OER wiki: . This is highly experimental, and I may not keep this running beyond the current Access2OER discussion on the UNESCO mailing list (cf. but you can access the interface by emailing

oerwiki (then the at sign, followed by)

Btw. it's a read-only interface. In many ways it thus doesn't offer great advantages over a generic web-to-email service. Of course really one would want a write interface too!