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1 The Sense Hat[edit]

1.1 Important caveats[edit]

1.1.1 If using the joystick[edit]

If you are still on Wheezy, you'll need this fix for doing anything joystick related: https://www.element14.com/community/community/raspberry-pi/raspberry-pi-accessories/blog/2017/01/23/raspberry-pi-sense-hat-enabling-the-joystick

1.1.2 The temperature sensors[edit]

Note that the temperature reported by he temperature sensors will need to be corrected for proximity to the Raspberry Pi itself, see

This is disappointing, as the Sense Hat is designed as a Hat, i.e. is means to sit ontop of the Raspberry Pi (rather than moved away using an extension...).

1.2 Getting started[edit]

Some good scripts to start with are here https://github.com/bennuttall/sense-hat-examples

  • sparkle
  • temperature
  • humidiy

you'll also want to turn the LEDs off:

from sense_hat import SenseHat
sense = SenseHat()
sense.clear()  # no arguments defaults to off

and show messages:

from sense_hat import SenseHat
sense = SenseHat()
sense.show_message("Hello world!")

There's also examples here: https://github.com/RPi-Distro/python-sense-hat/tree/master/examples

API doc: http://pythonhosted.org/sense-hat/api/

To be continued...