1 IntroductionEdit

This page contains a large range of tutorials that Bjoern has been writing since about 2006. Contributions to this were early teaching in the context of CUSP/BlueSci, the podcasting course 2007, and the Hum Centre podcasting course 2009.

2 'Books'Edit

2.1 The Podcasting compendiumEdit

New: The all-in Podcasting compendium. Available as a 'book'!

The compendium contains most pages in this tutorial section, and can be downloaded as a pdf.

2.2 HumCenter podcast courseEdit

A podcast course that we run together with the HumCentre and CUiD in January/Feb 2009: See Humanitarian Centre Podcasting Course (also available as a 'book')

The corresponding book is lighter weight than the compendium, and only contains more essential items.

2.3 Steeple podcasting bookEdit

Some of the resources here were used for the Steeple podcasting booklet, see http://www.steeple.org.uk/wiki/Beyond2009booklet

3 AudioEdit

3.1 Audio recording a lectureEdit

See /Audio recording: The same tutorial, but with a number of different recorders:

  1. Tutorials/Audio recording/Fostex FR2-LE with EW112P
  2. Tutorials/Audio recording/Edirol R09 with EW112P
  3. Tutorials/Audio recording/Zoom H2 with EW112P
  4. Tutorials/Audio recording/Marantz PMD660 with EW112P

Links, updates, comparisons:

  • Interesting recorder: Yamaha W24.
  • Some of the information on this page is starting to be out of date in terms of new models (October 2010), see http://www.solidstatesound.co.uk/ for a good source of information. New models to consider are the Tascam DR-08 and the Yamaha C24 and W24. Tascam DR 2D and Zoom Q3 have an interesting concepts (respectively: dual source recording and good audio with moderate video).
  • Basic handhelds (< GBP 200): The Zoom H2 and Tascam DR-07 cost about the same (~ GBP 180), and thus go head-to-head:
  • More up-market handhelds:
    • Tascam DR-100 (~ GBP 350, with XLR mic in, minijack line in). (I wonder whether the DR-100 might be competition for the brick recorders below. Line-level input is only minijack, but as well as the XLR inputs, you get reasonable directional built-in mics.) (In terms of size, this unit is only marginally smaller than the PMD660/661)
    • Zoom H4 has been updated to Zoom H4n (~ GBP 330, with XLR mic in, 1/4"" jack in) (I wasnt so convinced by the H4, so would be cautious about the H4n too. By comparison, the Zoom H2 has fared very well though.)
    • Sony PCM-D50 (~ GBP 450, no xlr input.) It looks kinda cool, and has been around for a while. Would need to be carefully compared with the DR-100 though.
    • The Olympus LS-10 may also be of interest if a small form-factor unit is required (also c.f. http://www.audiotranskription.de/Tascam-DR-100.htm , in german)
  • Portable "brick" recorders
    • Fostez FR2LE (~ GBP 450) My only gripes are that the jack input is unbalanced, and that you cannot mix recording formats on the same memory card (at least with current firmware). A big plus is the continual writing to memory card, so that in the event of power loss you don't loose anything.
    • Marantz PMD-661: (~ GBP 600) (successor to PMD660). Presumably the XLR is balanced in line-mode also, and balanced line-in is nice. However, it's somewhat more expensive than the FR2, and we have lost recordings on the PMD660 (because at least the PMD660 didn't continuously write to the memory card).

A nice website for looking up recorders http://www.solidstatesound.co.uk/

3.2 Further tutorials related to audio recordingEdit

3.3 Audio related tutorials: EditingEdit

4 Video relatedEdit

New tutorials and musings on video: Here's a first batch, mostly to do with encoding video and audio

5 Encoding / Video/audio compressionEdit

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7 Podcast Course 2007Edit

A podcast course run at the University of Cambridge in 2007:

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