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This page defines a 'saved wiki book', and you can generate various formats from it, including pdf for printing.

If you get stuck, some more help is here: Help:Books/print.

1 The Podcasting Compendium[edit]

1.1 A first course in podcasting with contributions from the Science Media Network, the Humanitarian Centre, and CUiD[edit]

Tutorials/Podcasting Compendium Introduction
The sessions
HCPT/Session 1: Rights
HCPT/Session 2: Recording
HCPT/Session 3: Editing
HCPT/Session 4: Publishing
Four Audio recording tutorials
Audio recording using the Fostex FR2-LE with EW112P
Audio recording using the Zoom H2 with EW112P
Tutorials/Audio recording/Marantz PMD660 with EW112P
Tutorials/Audio recording/Edirol R09 with EW112P
Editing - Basic principles
Tutorials/Dynamic Range Compression
Editing - Applications
Tutorials/Basic Edit in Soundtrack
Tutorials/Audacity/List of shortcuts
Tutorials/Audacity/Keyboard Map
Tutorials/Audacity/Audacity on the web
Tutorials/Video/Encoding Timebased Media
Tutorials/Encoding mp3 with iTunes
Choosing your audio equipment
Tutorials/Audio recording/Radio mic and directional mic
Tutorials/Which audio recorder
Tutorials/Which mics
Tutorials/Baseline audio kit
Some video tutorials
Tutorials/Video/Pixel Aspect Ratio
Tutorials/Video/TV safe area 16x9
Further resources on the web
Copyright and attribution