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YouTube now allows CC licensing of videos, as well as (for some partners) downloading and charging for downloads. Details on the YouTube blog:

Many video creators on YouTube want their work to be seen far and wide. They don't mind sharing their work, provided that they get the proper credit. Using Creative Commons licenses, we're giving our partners and community more choices to make that happen. Creative Commons licenses permit people to reuse downloaded content under certain conditions.

We're also testing an option that gives video owners the ability to permit downloading of their videos from YouTube. Partners could choose to offer their video downloads for free or for a small fee paid through Google Checkout. Partners can set prices and decide which license they want to attach to the downloaded video files (for more info on the types of licenses, take a look here).

For example, universities use YouTube to share lectures and research with an ever-expanding audience. In an effort to promote the sharing of information, we are testing free downloads of YouTube videos from Stanford, Duke, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UCTV (broadcasting programs from throughout the UC system). YouTube users who are traveling or teachers who want to show these videos in classrooms with limited or no connectivity should find this particularly useful.

This really has very interesting implications, and I'll be watching how this progresses! For many institutions, it might make YouTube into an universal video repository for that institution. How long before official podcast subscriptions and being able to drive your iTunesU store from YouTube?

As an example, below the left hand corder of this video is a 'download this video' link that opens up this box:


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