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As you can see on the brief Samfya writeup, Open Source and Open Educational Resources were an integral part of the work.

As part of the ICT courses, Aptivate put together an email training booklet. This was originally put together in Open Office (and licensed as CC-By). Returning from Zambia, we decided that more OER would be a good thing, and started While I hadn't been involved in authoring the booklet itself, I thought it would be a good start to transfer the booklet.

So I started with a mediwiki export (see OpenOffice to MediaWiki). You loose the images, but if you also export the document to html (which gives you the images), you can do some scripting tricks that stick the images into the mediawiki text.

One thing that I wanted to address for a while is the fact that the page title in mediawiki ('first heading') can only appear at the top of the page. While you mostly want that, there are cases where you want the title to appear below another page header. I finally did something about this, and wrote a parser function to fix this, see Mediawiki/TitleHere (and some examples: HCPT, ICTP Workshop 2007).

So here are the results: I do think that the text is very nicely presented, and that it really shows the flexibility of mediawiki.

As a final point, the email booklet draws together several mediawiki 'organisational principles' (that are otherwise disconnected). The pages are organised as subpages, as well as in the same category, while the category page also serves as 'book' page for pdf/odt generation, see (Some more thoughts on this page, that is starting to be slightly outdated in places!)

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