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Welcome to my website - open resources, teacher education, technology, and other interests.

This is my personal website, so while some of the items here related to my work, much of it does not. On the whole, you'll find things about education, open access, digital technology and ICT, as well as about media, maths and science, across primary, secondary and higher education, both in European, African, and global contexts. If you dig for long enough, you'll also find things about music, languages, and archaeology.

To find out more about my company and consultancy, see Open Development and Education.


Blog post: 20180803 If you like apps do not get the Nokia 2

If you like apps, do not get the Nokia 2

The Nokia 2 phone looked like an almost perfect low-cost high-battery phone, possibly the best of breed so far. However, 8 GB is just not enough. So if you're planning to use apps that are storage intensive, and cannot be moved to adopted storage, then forget this phone. I had assumed that adopted storage would work well, but it turns out that most apps cannot be moved, even after the SD card has been 'adopted'. This means the phone constantly struggles with space.

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