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Welcome to my website - open resources, teacher education, technology, and other interests.

This is my personal website, so while some of the items here related to my work, much of it does not. On the whole, you'll find things about education, open access, digital technology and ICT, as well as about media, maths and science, across primary, secondary and higher education, both in European, African, and global contexts. If you dig for long enough, you'll also find things about music, languages, and archaeology.

To find out more about my company and consultancy, see Open Development and Education.


Blog post: 20180401 Google Docs Helper bookmarklet

The Google Docs Helper bookmarklet is a bookmarklet that allows the quick creation of useful links for files in Google Docs.

  • For Google Docs/Sheets/Presentation files, download links can be generated (avoiding having to go into the File > Download menu)
  • For Google Drive folders, links for "add doc/sheet/presentation/draw to this folder" can be generated.

Installation: For easiest installation, visit https://bjohas.de/extras/google_docs_helper_bookmarklet.html and drag the link to your bookmarks bar. Once installed, visit a google drive link, or a google doc, and click the bookmarklet.

Some instructions are available here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLb5KxCYVl2fYhrDqlynVBjc4fZKeR9EO2

More here: Google Docs Helper bookmarklet.

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