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=Zotero/Zutilo(?) features:=
=Zotero/Zutilo(?) features:=
* merging records while preserving both records in a note.
* merging records while preserving both records in a note (2020-06-28, implemented in plugin: https://github.com/edtechhub/zotero-edtechhub)
* copy/paste of more metadata
* copy/paste of more metadata (2020-06-28, implemented in Zutilo: https://github.com/willsALMANJ/Zutilo)
=Zotfile feature:=
=Zotfile feature:=

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Following on from the discussion on Zotfile features (https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/70061/annotation-round-trip-with-file-formats-other-than-pdf-zotfile) * is there a Zotero "wish list" somewhere? We could have some community discussion around new features, and then see what's on the roadmap, and what needs more funding?

1 Zotero core features:[edit]

* move between collections (rather than copy + then delete) adamsmith March 13, 2018: You can move items between collection holding a key during drag -* Cmd on OS X, Shift on Windows/Linux

(Also c.f. post below) Documentation:

2 Zotero/Zutilo(?) features:[edit]

3 Zotfile feature:[edit]

  • annotation extraction for other formats - too complex for now
  • extracting PDF annotations with features (e.g. text + text of inline comment) (Edit 2019-03-06: I kinda implemented this in a PR for ZotFile. PR has been accepted, new versions hasn't been published just et.) - done

4 Other:[edit]

Attaching PDFs (Edit 2018-05-04: copied items from thread below to here.):

4.1 Better change tracking:[edit]

4.2 Other[edit]

Edit (2018-11-25): tag colours https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/74774/feature-request-colours#latest