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Information about Special:Collection.

A great extension, that is actively being developed by pediapress. Could do with more documentation., cf. this post, and

1 Some tips[edit]

Really Template:Saved_book (which is automatically added to collection pages) should have links for generating pdfs etc added automatially. Looking through the code we find


will load the collection. A bit more digging (also on the Searching the google group for 'one click') also suggests a way of generating a pdf with one click:


So a couple of templates:

Examples for "single click" pdf and odt generation: MediaWiki:Books/HCPT.

Update: The German wikipedia has got such a template:

2 Issues, problems, feature requests[edit]

2.1 Current Issues[edit]

2.2 Resolved issues[edit]

2.3 Feature requests[edit]

2.3.1 Important[edit]

  • Numbered chapters, and numbered headings within chapters.
  • A way of 'boxing' text, i.e. a div with a border or different background color.
  • Customised front page (particularly further lines of text, or use of the central part of the page, say for an image)

2.3.2 Implemented feature requests[edit]

  • Table of contents - a table of contents is now produced automatically!

3 Links[edit]


Good documentation:

German version: