Collection/printing problem

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We've got an odd printing problem.

The pdf we've generated works fine on most printers, but on XP, Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.1.0, Konica Minolta C353 photocopier/printer/ scan/fax, the document comes out garbled. (We've never had a problem printing other documents.)

When we select 'print as image', the printing works. This may be related: When using touch-up text tool we get a message saying that there is "no available system font". (Although we sometimes get the message on other documents, that print fine.)

An image is available below.

I suspect that the problem may be to do with whatever is used to render the pdf, rather than mwlib. Does anybody have any insight or suggestions? (In the past, there were issues with documents not working well in Acrobat, eg. for optimisation, but these have gone away now. Maybe a similar change is needed to get even more compatibility?)

Collection printing problem.png