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1 Do some pseudo streaming![edit]

There's now really no excuse to not (pseudo)stream your files!

mp4/m4v will stream out of the box on Apache with http://h264.code-shop.com/trac/wiki/Mod-H264-Streaming-Apache-Version2

Set up the handler to cover m4v. If you use jw mediaplayer, set streamer=lighttpd (even for use with above apache module), and off you go!

Working example: http://mediaplayer.group.cam.ac.uk/go/26/CU-ARCT-2008-DEDEPA (make sure you have flash 9, and that the "flash 9+" format is selected, which is now the default where available.)

2 Discussion[edit]

Supported filetypes by jw mediaplayer: http://www.longtailvideo.com/support/forum/General-Chat/16532/How-to-play-3gp-files-in-JW-Media-Player, should double check that these all work through Apache Mod-H264. The following filetypes are supported for jw mediaplayer, and I've listed whether the Mod-H264 would work WITH SEEKING. In other words, playback in jw mediaplayer for those items can be taken for granted, but does Mod-H264 seeking work for those mediatypes? If it doesn't work, it could be a problem to do either with Mod-H264, or with jw mediaplayer.

These definitely work:

'm4v':'video', SEEKING WORKS (for H264 content)
'mp4':'video', SEEKING WORKS (for H264 content)

These should work?

'3g2':'video', should work (for H264 content)?
'3gp':'video', should work? (for H264 content)
'aac':'video', should work??
'f4b':'video', should work??
'f4p':'video', should work??
'f4v':'video', should work??
'm4a':'video',  should work?
'mov':'video',  ???

For these, it won't work (as they are not Mod-h264 streamable):

'mp3':'sound', won't work with server
'flv':'video', won't work with server (unless you also install Mod-flv, and make sure flv files have the right metadata)
'gif':'image', N/A
'jpg':'image', N/A
'png':'image', won't work with server
'rbs':'sound', ??
'sdp':'video', No. (Might do if the file referenced is a suitable format?)
'swf':'image', N/A
'vp6':'video'  won't work.