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{{#titlehere:}} Please note that the present pages on the ICTP workshop were obtained from a mediawiki used during the workshop. There may be a number of links that go to missing pages, and other inconsistencies. Much of it is also very informal, and should be seen as workshop notes! From: User:Mathe/BlogEntry: 2007 December 11 09:35:49 UTC

Philip Bourne wil be presenting again. Today he is presenting on YouTube as a medium that can be used by scientists. He is presenting under the banner of an organisation called SciVee. So what is the motivation behind SciVee? SciVee was inspired by results on a survey from kids on what different popular scientists in history invented. Example of those scientists include: Henry Ford, Marie Curie and Ladislao Biro. His conclusion from the survey was that kids don't have a good impression on what is science is all about. SciVee is all about changing this seemingly unfortunate perception. SciVee does this by focusing more on video since as it is there are many resources available on the internet but many of them don't use video as medium. For more on SciVee visit http://www.scivee.tv/.

Another motivation for SciVee arose directly from the activities of the 4 young scientists working with Philip who from time to time were caught watching videos on YouTube. This reinforced the idea that video can be used to disseminate scientific information (especially when it evident that YouTube is appealing to the young scientists).

What are benefits of using video

  • video conveys information not possible with text e.g simulation
  • Video can be used to capture the attention of the 'YouTube' generation.

Products of SciVee

  • Channels - pubcast content where each journal corresponds to a channel. A tv channel can be used as an analogy -for viewing different content you switch to a different channel
  • User profiles - info on authors, commentors and raters
  • Communities - Groups who virtually gather around an entity, where an entity can be an institution, a video, a research group, a school district, etc.

SciVee being a system that provides dissemination of the scientific information that includes video material allows viewing of video plus ability to:

  • Rate video
  • Report video
  • comment on video
  • Embed a video in your page

For a summary of the steps for creating a pubcast follow this link for a tutorial: http://www.scivee.tv/help/view/51. This particular link http://www.scivee.tv/help/view/46 provides a good summary of what SciVee is and how you can use it. It is really a well written FAQs page.

Issues and solutions in getting Scivee started

  • how to get started? worked with PLoS authors to make pilot
  • how to get profiles to start? PLoS author/reviwer/editor base
  • how to organise? - around labs, organisations, topic areas
  • science is hierarchical -give a platform to the graduate students and post graduates to be heard
  • will scientists make pubcasts? - answer to yet known but momentum is building up so may be