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{{#titlehere:}} Please note that the present pages on the ICTP workshop were obtained from a mediawiki used during the workshop. There may be a number of links that go to missing pages, and other inconsistencies. Much of it is also very informal, and should be seen as workshop notes!

This page gives details of the workshop content grouped by workshop strands and speakers. To see a chronological overview, see ICTP Workshop 2007/Events.

The 'EyA' links refer to ICTP EyA recordings, please read ICTP Workshop 2007/About EyA Recordings before trying to view them!

1 Content Grouped by Strands and Speakers[edit]

1.1 Overview lectures on Web 2.0,[edit]

Web 2.0, Semantic Web, Media-rich initiatives at Universities and research institutes.

1.2 Content production[edit]

Bjoern Hassler, University of Cambridge, Content Production workshops. Most of these sessions are interactive workshop sessions, with only some up-front lecturing.

  • Introduction to Content Production
  • Principles of Audio Recording and Editing
  • Content Production: Blogging, podcasts, and audacity
    • EyA 9am, image 14 onwards: practical blogging exercise
    • EyA 9am, image 60 onwards: podcasting
    • EyA 9am, image 211 onwards: Audacity continued
    • EyA 10am, audacity session continued until about image 70, then tea break, resumes at image 171
  • Content Production, Ideas and Equipment (see ICTP Workshop 2007/Content Sessions).
    • (EyA 10am), image 176: Audacity continued
    • (EyA 11am), a little further discussion, then workshop (no audio)
  • Content Production workshop session
    • EyA 4pm, the workshop continues: content group (audio editing), Moodle installation, Web hosting group, workshop then continues to dinner.
  • Aspects of video/audio encoding and hosting. (This session took the form of a longer lecture session.)
  • Content Production workshop session, announcement Eya 5pm from img 34.
  • Ubuntu Video Workshop and open Weekend Lab with introduction to film making

Participant contribution:

  • Reporting back on content sessions
    • EyA recording 12am, from beginning
    • Wordpress - Raymond Tsongorera
    • Wordpress - Rosalina
    • Wordpress - Mahinda
    • Moodle - Givemore Dube
    • Video - Imad Khudeir
    • Audacity + Slides - Kithsiri Liyanage
    • Bandwidth and compression - Mathe Maema
  • Case Studies by Participants

Alex Ferener (CREDIS, Universito of Bucharest) and the CREDIS team

  • Building Rich Media Tutorials with Open Source,
  • Wink workshop

1.3 Automated lecture recording systems and institutional workflows[edit]